Somatic psychotherapy and EMDR for real change

Wowlvenn Seward-Katzmiller, MFT
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Reduce the harm
Alcohol and cannabis can be therapeutic or harmful. The difference is in the dosage and in your reasons for using it. A glass of wine can be good for your brain and your heart, while several glasses or too many glasses daily can cause severe health problems. It's the same with cannabis--it's very similar to alcohol in that many people can and do use it safely, but for some it can get out of control and cause serious problems, usually more in the realm of relationships, work, and mental and emotional health.

For some people, the only safe dosage of any substance is none. For some, moderation is possible. A harm reduction approach involves the use of Motivational Interviewing, weighing the scales of benefits (change vs status quo), and a lot of compassion. Collaboratively we'll assess your situation, help you wade through any ambivalence, set some goals, and make the kind of changes you want in order to feel confident and satisfied with yourself and your life.

My office is in Sebastopol. I offer phone and video visits if you live within California. For those close to Sebastopol, home and outdoor walking therapy visits may also be available.
My sessions are 50 minutes for $165 with limited sliding scale options available. Monthly discounted rates are available for Sonoma County residents impacted by the wildfires.

I provide referrals for people who need a higher level of care than I can offer in my private practice.