Somatic psychotherapy and EMDR for real change

Wowlvenn Seward-Katzmiller, MFT
(707)787-0402  wskmft@gmail.com
Petaluma and Sebastopol
Relationship Therapy
I help partners strengthen intimacy while maintaining their boundaries. I help partners dealing with impacts of trauma, substance use, codependency, sexual outsiderness, LGBTQ issues, and polyamory choices. I am a sex positive therapist and am quite comfortable helping partners navigate sexual conflicts, slumps, and wishes. 

I help partners resolve parenting conflicts, and help parents make more attuned, strategic choices to support their children during family therapy sessions.

My approach is experiential, evoking relationship dynamics during the visit instead of discussing what the dynamics are like outside the visit. That way the work is efficient and gives you skills real time that you can walk out the door with.  Be ready for homework, though!

My sessions are 50 minutes for $165 with limited sliding scale sessions available.